A lot of work to do...

I am now passing a course with the title of design and analysis of experiment. More courses I am passing, I feel I can apply the concepts in my project. So I highly recommend PhD students pass courses in first year. This month, I got a set of measurement data from a bridge in Switzerland to work on it which at least now seven ESRs are working on it. I started to work on the data and apply whatever I learned from last course in DTU that I posted in my last blog to do uncertainty analysis.  Furthermore, my supervisor suggested me to work on an interesting topic which is risk assessment of ice and blades part throwing away from wind turbines. Just imagine that you are passing from a road near wind turbine by your car in winter if there would be icing in the blades of wind turbine, what would be the risk of being killed by ice pieces thrown away from wind turbine. This project will be extended with cooperation with another ESR (Lijia Long).

Together with five ESR in Aalborg

I attended alot of courses which was very applicable to use in my project.
Last one was a summer school in DTU, whitch It was in Copenhagen and I find out there how to do uncertainty and sensivity analysis.

We are now 5 ESR in Aalborg, we are looking to see all of other ESRs next year, here in Aalborg University.

I am now working on two article, one with my colleage Amol, ESR9, and the other with Lijia ESR12.

Here I am...

My name is Sima Rastayesh. I am from Iran. I passed my bachelor and Master in nuclear energy engineering in Science and Research of Tehran branch Azad University. My background is related to the field of risk and reliability engineering. I choose this position to apply as it was within the area of my expertise. I liked this position because I was interested to gain experience about wind turbines and use my background on that. I am now happy to work with 12 ESR, which I feel they are more like my friends rather than colleagues. We had a great time together in Berlin and with some of them in Aalborg where I am now living.
Visiting wind turbine structure was one of my best event life, which I do not forget it. Hearing the sound of wind turbine from a short distance and even touch that with accompany of my supervisor and ESR9 and ESR12 was great.
I had a short presentation in our university which you can see the whole idea of my project on it.

I have three secondments, which I expect they wo…